Prof. Dr. Demet Lüküslü, Yeditepe University, Turkey

Title of the Keynote: Young NEETs in Turkey


The public debates on youth in Turkey are centered around the youth included in the formal education system. However, Turkey has a high population of young NEETs  (not in employment, education or training) and figures among the countries with the highest ratio among OECD countries which seems to aggravate with the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, the statistics on youth demonstrate that the NEET category in Turkey is a female category which demonstrates the importance of including gender inequality in the analysis.  This presentation aims to discuss the characteristics of the NEET youth in Turkey. The paper starts with a brief discussion based on the academic literature on NEET and the similarities and differences between the concepts of NEET and unemployment and then focuses on Turkey and discusses the general characteristics of the young NEETs in Turkey.