10January 2023Abstract Submission Start

19June 2023Deadline for Abstract Submission

07-09July 2023Notification of Acceptance


The congress established an interdisciplinary scientific committee. In addition to contributing to the scientific program of the congress, the scientific committee will accept or reject submissions by evaluating the abstracts received. Some of the oral presentations may also be suggested to be presented as poster by the reviewers. All the reviewers will be sent abstracts of papers related with their research areas. In the directive to be sent to the reviewers, an explanation about the conditions of the papers will also be provided and they will be asked to evaluate the abstracts related to their research areas.


It is possible to submit with three types of papers in the congress.


Generally, oral presantaions are sessions which are included of four oral presentations followed by a question-answer and discussions and lasts approximately 15 minutes each.


Symposiums cover a topic from different perspectives and provide a basis for discussion and allow the presentation of different papers. It consists of a chairperson, speakers and discussants who will present three or four papers. Each paper is evaluated in terms of research quality and suitability for the panel topic. There is 15 minutes of presentation time for each paper, time for the discussant’s evaluation of the session (approximately 15 minutes), and discussion time for the entire panel (approximately 15 minutes). Panels are 90-minute sessions.


Original researches based on data are prepared as posters and presented interactively at the poster presentation sessions in the congress program.

General Principles
– Original research and case reports on congress topics can be submitted for oral, panel sessions or poster presentations. In all papers submitted, only original papers based on data(not review studies) will be considered.
– A participant can take part in a maximum of 3 papers in the congress program.
– Papers will only be accepted through the online abstract submission system on the Congress website, and papers sent by mail or fax cannot be evaluated.
– It is very important to enter the e-mail address in the abstract form. Congress Secretariat will use the e-mail address entered to communicate.
– When the abstract is sent successfully, a message will appear on the screen stating that it has been sent. If this message does not appear, it means that the abstract has not been sent and the application for the paper must be made again.
-Submitted Abstracts will be evaluated by the congress scientific committee; The appropriateness, acceptance and presentation of the papers at the congress will be decided by the Scientific Committee. Depending on the scientific program and the content of the paper, the Scientific Committee may change the presentation style of the paper.

Preparing the Abstract Text
– While submitting the abstract, spelling errors should be avoided and attention should be paid to the order of the authors.
– Abstracts will be prepared in Turkish or English.
– All letters of the title of your abstract should be capitalized, the use of abbreviations should be avoided and the title should not exceed 100 characters, including spaces.
– Author names and surnames should be written in full and attention should be paid to the order.
– The abstract text should not exceed 350 words. Only the abstract text is included in this limitation, and the title, author names and addresses and keywords will be kept separate from this limitation. Only abstracts based on research data and case reports should be presented as a summary including the title, research team (names and institutions), problem, purpose, method, findings, discussion, and conclusion sub-titles.

Submission Rules:
– It is mandatory to be registered at least one author of the abstract in order to take place in the program and the abstract book.
Abstract book will be published online.
Abstract submission will be online on the website of the congress.


Paper applications are closed.
The results of the paper application will be notified to the applicants by e-mail between 19 – 21 July 2023 after the review of the arbitration committee.